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We counted a record 45 people attending, including many first-timers, who all came out to play our now-famous "Nude at the Getty" Scavenger Hunt.
Rolf assembled 72 questions about various bare paintings and sculptures found at the museum.
Our "scavenger hunt" directed folks through to answer these questions and to be the first to return to the starting point.
Southern California Naturist Association SCNA
A typical question was: "In Room E101, A semi-nude sculpture of Neptune is depicted with what creature?" The question that brought the greatest variety of answers was "How many undraped genitalia can you find in Room W101?" The security guard had to keep reminding our people to not touch!
The winning team (Dave, Andrea, and son, Ben) missed only 3 questions and returned in new record time of one hour 45 minutes, so that they received a gift certificate to the Museum Store.
Most teams took the complete 3 hours and missed an average of 6-8 questions. Second prize went to Lesley and Jim, who got free passes to your future SCNA activity. Dave and family also gained the most creative team name, the "Bare Johnsons." Nice pun!
Kudo's Mike!
SCNA's good luck with the weather continued as the heavens cleared before midday after nearly an inch of rain fell the night before. It was a gorgeous 60 degrees all day with a rare clear view of Catalina Island, downtown, and the San Gabriel Mountains beyond.
Subsequently, beach free had a late lunch at the museum Cafe and enjoyed meeting new friends and catching up on old news. The consensus view is that we definitely will be back to do this again next year.
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