ALL NUDIST Chats With Jordan About Nudism And FKK

All Naturist discusses their thoughts with all the nudists! All-Naturist website, written by Steve and Angie, has among the most active and read websites on the web today and is not one to hold back any views! While they have been crucial at times of everyone, including FKK, we truly appreciated their recent constructive comments, both positive and negative.
So we decided to interview Steve and Angie, authors of the All Nudist Blog, for their ideas on nudism now.
Hope You Appreciate Our Interview With All Nudist Blog:
substantially. You can't tell a naturist from a naturist at a playa or camp, and most folks do not care anyway. We share a common enjoyment of social nudity and subscribe to common ideals seeing social naturism, that's enough. Let the purists claim .
A. Steve was interested provided by the world's naturist/naturist organizations you think of a community ideal that's environmentally aware, socially inclusive, family friendly, non-sexual by nature, non-judgmental, respectful and well-behaved. Oh, and bare!
Q. How old were you when you first got interested in the nudist lifestyle?
since a child but didn't try it until his 40a?s. About seven years ago Angie was introduced to it at frozen Mazo Beach, and she was hooked for life! Before that, it had never even crossed her head, heaven forbid!
Q. In your perspective, what is the difference "official" nudist event / activity which you participated in?
Officially' that was eventually going to a pretty avarage mid-sized camp. Typical storyline; frightened stiff (not there!) It felt like coming home, at last. Angie - Different camp, same story!
Q. What does it mean to be between Nudism & Naturism? (If there is one)
All Nudist Blog
Q. What in your opinion, is by many in the naturist movement. Why would you genuinely believe that is? Is this criticism justified and what would you personally think of the job that FKK is doing?
(and made) is in regard to events sponsored by FKK which give the look of being outside of the mainstream naturist tradition, and many fear how it appears to outsiders. We consider these to be valid matters involving the entire community but, lacking any official' naturist organization within which to debate, the court of public opinion will be held around campfires and on websites such as yours, ours, and others. FKK looks genuinely perplexed regarding what the fuss is all about.
Q. As beach blondes know, FKK continues to be criticized the greatest difficulty the naturist / naturist movement faces today?
Almost all problems confronting social nudism today stem from Fabric society's outlook of how sexuality relates to nudity, and hence to nudism. Anything connecting the two makes for great headlines, with people having sex on public beaches topping the list. This is endemic worldwide; shores are being closed and nudity is being banned because of it. Great public image is vital to our existence and a public perception that we're reckless sex-addicts will guarantee resistance in every quarter.
We have the highest hopes for FKK. The organization is doing a magnificent job of getting the word out that it exists and in promoting its social agenda and events, but has neglected to reach into the overall naturist/naturist community to make its philosophical position clear. We here online can hear you, but most nudists /naturists won't. They will, nevertheless, learn about FKK from friends and easily misunderstood media promotions or news articles. Their views will be formed based on those small sources without rebuttal by FKK.
site, it's gone long enough as it is!
Q. Most of the negativity surrounding FKK is a result of three people who constantly distribute, for a lack of a better word, lies and rumors. Is this a common event in the naturist movement, and why do you think this is happening?
A. Not at Any negative statements we learn about organizations are either situation-specific, ie, failure to act, matters of propriety, or generalized questions/gripes such as, "What are they doing for us?" or more particularly, "What am I getting for my money?"
piece of guidance, for the nudist / naturist movement generally or FKK especially, what would that be?
A. Well, sure! But we'll save that for our website
Trust you enjoyed hearing Steve And Angie and please visit their all naturist site at:
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Author of Nudist Blog. Co-founder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. When I'm not active eating, I'm writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun topics. I like comments, so plz leave a comment when you've got something to say!

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